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How to Fix Your Slow PC

Got a slow PC?

Throw your slow PC out the window.


If your PC’s running slow, if your Ferrari’s shifting like a Civic I’ve got a few quick fixes for your slow PC.

How to Fix Your Slow PC

  • Clean your PC’s disk: Review all of your PC’s applications, and carefully uninstall any software you don’t need. If you have any software that automatically launches at start-up, consider removing it. Make sure you carefully follow your applications un-install directions, so that all files - including registry keys - are removed. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to defragment your drive.
  • Stop automatically launching applications: Select your Windows “Start” menu, then “Run,” and enter “misconfig” when prompted. Select the “Startup” tab - how many applications do you see automatically launching that you don’t really need? Stop whatever you don’t need to automatically launch, and your PC will be much faster at startup. Be ruthless, but be careful - make sure you don’t disconnect any system components that need to auto-start at launch.
  • Scan your PC for spyware and viruses: Malware can slow down your PC dramatically using up your PC’s RAM, and a lot of spyware and viruses can run silently, so you don’t even know you’re infected. Run a spyware scan to check your computer for any parasites, and remove them, along with any useless cookies that might come up.
  • Clean your Windows registry: Your registry is the core of your PC, and it controls most of your operating system. Cleaning up your registry can dramatically speed up your slow PC.
  • Review your network shares: Your PC may slow as it tries to connect to hard drives that aren’t shared any more. From “Tools,” select “Disconnect Network Drive.” You could also delete network shares from Windows Explorer - simply right-click network shares that aren’t active anymore and select “Delete.”
  • Get more RAM: You can order extra RAM online for reasonable prices, and it should be fairly easy to install, even if you’re no computer expert. Adding extra RAM to a slow PC usually works like magic, greasing the grind of software and Windows systems like XP that take up a lot of memory.
  • Re-install Windows OS: For a really slow PC that barely responds to any of the tips above, back up your Windows system and all your important files, and start fresh. Your slow PC should speed up dramatically with a fresh install of Windows–think of it like spring cleaning for your house. All the extra, orphan files get dusted out of your slow PC.
  • Tweak your computer: Why do I like to tweak PC? Because PC tweaks mean a faster PC, whether your PC tweak refers to a registry tweak or just a few tweaks to your Windows preferences.