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Computer optimizer

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How often is your PC in a background mode? This time could be used with success for computer optimization. We present a new computer optimizer - Background Optimizer intended for optimum usage of PC resources in a background mode. While you are in other room the computer optimizer will borrow PC with necessary work. Let's get acquainted with Background Optimizer closer.

At program start you’re welcomed by wizard which tells to you about the computer optimizer opportunities. Further Background Optimizer suggests you to choose modules which you’d like to use: Start Applications, a Defragmentation and Disk Cleanup. At the 3rd stage you need to choose type of the program registration.
When you pass all this you’ll be greeted with a small program window. At the window top you can choose an operating mode computer optimizer. In the bottom window you can choose the module of program work.

Modules are functionalities which Background Optimizer has during background computer inactivity. They are connected to acceleration of computer work. The defragmentation optimizes files arrangement. Disk Cleanup allows removing unnecessary and terming files littering the disk. For example downloaded program files, temporary internet files, term installation files, independent installation files, a recycle bin and many others.

A program novelty is Start Applications. This function allows choosing programs started in the background mode.
The computer optimizer gives significant opportunities on management of program adjustment. With the help of adjustment you can choose program language, soundtrack, an idle period after the program begins the work and other.

With Background Optimizer it becomes easier to work with PC.

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