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Tweak PC Like a Geek

By Faith Byronn

When the mighty PC slows down, the world slows down. For those who know nothing about computers apart from sending emails, browsing and chatting online, a slow PC is a threat to one’s sanity. Even Da Vinci’s Code will pale in comparison to the mysteries inside the computer. So what can a guy do?

Tweak PC--Smells Geek?

When the PC begins to limp along, there is trouble. The almighty PC must NEVER SLOW DOWN. But in the midst of the hair pulling, you plod on while your PC glares its red eye. You’re probably wishing you knew all about computers or all the tweak PC stuff, but unfortunately, you don’t.

It is a bet you won’t even dare try to find out what’s wrong, lest you do more harm than good. You can’t even tweak PC, then how in the world could you solve a problem like a slow PC? You’ve heard about the PC’s defragment feature, but don’t even know and understand what it is all about. The best thing you can do at this point it call your tweak PC master, your friendly neighborhood geek.

Tweak Your PC Like a Geek

Here are the possible things the smartest guy in the block will do:

1. Ask if you’re on Windows 98, XP, 2000, or Vista.

2. Check the PC registry. He might want to see the Windows registry to check the settings and options of the operating system for Microsoft Windows.

3. Check the programs installed in your hard disk. Let’s call it the computer’s brain. He will call your attention on the available space on the hard disk. There is still enough space for an elephant to romp about, so why the slow performance? Use Uninstall Tool.

4. Tell you there’s nothing wrong. He does not need dissect to the body parts of the PC. He will just give it his masterpiece tweak PC. He will just run the defragment feature. You nod, none the wiser, and say "Oh!"

5. He shuts down all the programs and click open the start menu. He goes to programs, accessories, systems tools, and finally, Disk Defragmenter. Defragmenting, he patiently points out, puts back all the bits and pieces of the fragments. After this tweak PC trick, your PC will run at top speed.

6. He guesses that you do a lot of installing and deleting. He explains that when you save large files onto your PC’s brain, the brain stores some of these files in little nooks and crannies where some files once occupied.

7. He takes the time to explain that his tweak PC trick will organize the cluttered brain of the computer.

8. Your friend further clarifies that this happens when you download a lot of games and this slows down the PC. Now you see the light at the end of the tunnel and say "Ahhh!"

The Best PC Tweak: Get Your Defrag On

Defragmenting is not a quickie. It takes an hour or more depending on the PC’s disposition, so while you are waiting for the process to finish, treat your friend to some ham on rye bread. He will be back in a flash for the next tweak PC session. But by then you’ll probably be doing your own thing.

You can check out sites on lines that will help you become a whiz without disemboweling your PC. You can get rid of pesky balloon tips, erase shortcut arrows, and give your mouse a makeover. You can also change your Login preferences. But never dare tweak PC when you have not broken the PC code.

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